Mojo Mobility partners with Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) to develop unique, differentiated solutions for wireless charging.


Mojo Mobility’s Near Field Power® technology enables mobile device manufacturers to develop innovative products that are charged or powered wirelessly. By using Mojo’s technology, mobile products such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and wireless accessories can be charged on one position-free wireless charging surface—drastically reducing the number of chargers manufacturers must produce and consumers carry with them.

Wearable Technology

Wearable electronics pose unique challenges to product designers due to the small volume, minimal weight, and rugged use environments. Mojo Mobility’s Near Field Power® technology provides a position free, waterproof, small volume wireless charging solution that allows product designers to develop advanced, unique products that are charged with no cords attached.

Automotive Infrastructure

Integration of Mojo’s Near Field Power® technology into the interior of a vehicle allows the occupant to free themselves of the cumbersome mobile device power cord while instantaneously allowing integrated communication with the on board information and entertainment system. The ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously at any location greatly enhances the consumer experience as well as safety within the vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Mojo’s Near Field Power® technology is truly scalable and wireless power up to 20kW can be achieved. By partnering with major automobile manufacturers and with the backing of the United States Department of Energy, Mojo Mobility is creating high power, highly efficient, and position free wireless charging systems that will transform the way we power and charge electric vehicles.


Mojo Mobility’s Near Field Power® technology provides an intuitive, easy to use method for charging or powering multiple devices simultaneously in a position free manner. It allows the consumer to limit the number of charging cords and devices they must keep track of, thus simplifying their lives.

Other Applications

Mojo Mobility’s Near Field Power® technology allows medical and industrial devices to benefit from the advantages of wireless charging. The waterproof sealed nature of Mojo’s wireless power technology is ideal for the sterile environments of the medical industry and the harsh environments of industrial application. These vital industries are also able to charge multiple devices simultaneously and efficiently. Most importantly, the lack of cords allow for a simplified charging system.

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