Mojo Mobility partners with OEMs to design and develop unique, cutting-edge products that incorporate Mojo’s patented wireless charging technologies into a variety of different industries and applications—from mobile devices, to industrial and medical devices, to electric vehicles.

Established in 2005, Mojo Mobility has been at the forefront of the development of wireless power technologies that allow consumers to conveniently charge and power their devices. Mojo Mobility has partnered with a number of OEMs to create unique, advanced solutions for wireless charging for many different products. Mojo’s unique proprietary Near Field Power® technology allows position-free charging and powering of multiple devices simultaneously. Near Field Power® places Mojo Mobility several generations ahead of their competitors by providing unsurpassed performance, cost, efficient power transfer and a simplified user experience.

Mojo has also partnered with OEMs to enhance the automotive experience in several ways. Mojo incorporates its wireless charging technology into various surfaces in the car, creating a safer and more convenient alternative to cord-charging. Mojo Mobility is also transforming the electric vehicle consumer experience by enabling high-power, efficient wireless charging of the vehicle. Mojo is eliminating the hassle of plug-in charging by enabling a user-friendly, ubiquitous method of charging electric vehicles wirelessly. 

What We Do

Mojo Mobility delivers position-free wireless charging technology to OEMs, which enables multiple devices to charge simultaneously without the restriction of exact positioning of the transmitter and receiver. Traditional wireless charging has been limited by the necessity of precise alignment of the transmitter and receiver. We partner with OEMs worldwide to provide cutting-edge, production-ready wireless charging solutions. These solutions are industry proven and provide tremendous advantages over existing wireless charging technology. Our solutions are user-friendly, highly efficient, extremely safe, and meet all regulatory guidelines. 

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Our Point of View

We believe wireless charging is the future of a world that is becoming truly mobile. No longer will consumers be restricted by an array of cords and chargers to charge their mobile devices or by the cord of an electric vehicle charging station. Our technology solutions allow designers of powered products to re-think and re-shape their design ideas to free their customers of the constraints of wired charging. 

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